If you want to relax away from hassle and bustle in white beach, this is the perfect place! with a perfect amenities for someone who just want a silent and private vacation room is good for 2 plus 1 extra bed, beside of the pool overlooking the ocean and the sun a very delightful welcome drinks awaits from an hour of boat ride! certified travel agents are the best! we have Charlie. Stan S
At the very edge of town and hidden from the street the resort is a great place to stay bin Sabang. Friendly accommodating staff and management. Good food and the rooms are clean and comfortable. Rooms have views from the balcony of the bay and the pool and bar are excellent brooksy3951
As I walk along the seashore going to the resort, I was fascinated with the place. It looks like a stairway to heaven. The elevated portion of the resort gives a better view of the Island. It was peaceful and superb. It is like a paradise in Sabang.

The room were so clean and proper. The facilities were so great. One of the best resorts I've been into.

But keep your legs and feet strong because you're going to take a lot of steps in the stairs going up the hill :) Great exercise in the morning :)

Th Foods and Beverages.

Worth it. Delicious and the servings were humungous. Not so Expensive but not so cheap. Try the weng weng cocktail. ahahahahaha. "LAKAS TAMA!!"..

Value for Money...

all I can say is... You are getting what you pay for. WORTH IT!!!!!

and lastly,

The thing that i loved the most during my stay are the people. VERY ACCOMMODATING AND FRIENDLY. They serve well and properly. Neat and proper. Everything you ask for will be given by them. The smile on their faces signifies their passion and sincerity on the services that they are offering. GREAT PEOPLE OF Oriental Sabang Hill. Jopee Lasam G
required a bit of a walk and an uphill climb from the port but we found the messages/quotes on the steps of their stairs really encouraging. haha. the staff were really friendly and allowed us to check-in early to go to the dive shop. kalachuchai