CLIMATE: Philippine climate is divided into two major seasons: Rainy and Typhoons abound from June to November, dry from December to May. Dry season is also subdivided future into cool dry season ( December to February) and the hot dry season (March to May).

CLOTHING: Light, comfortable made of cotton are most recommendable. Shorts or skirts and lightweight shirt are suitable for daily wear.

PEOPLE: Galereans are warm, friendly and welcome the visitors with open arms, indicative of the Filipinos genuine hospitality. The people lived here in simple ways with fresh of air and sweet scent of the country side. The total population of Puerto Galera are 28,035 as of 2007 survey.

LANGUAGE: Tagalog is the prime Language brought by the early people of the same group that came mainly from the nearly provinces of Batangas, Cavite, Laguna and Quezon.

TRANSPORTATION: Arrange a private car or van from Manila to Batangas Port. Choices of private boat or Public passengers boat from Batangas port to Sabang Beach Puerto Galera.

ELECTRICAL POINT: We use 220V for all of our electrical outlets in the resort. Should you have any electronics gadgets that requires 100-120v please let us know in advance


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Puerto Galera is approximately 3-hours from Manila. Two hours by bus from Manila to Batangas followed by a 1 1/2 boat ride from Batangas pier to Puerto Galera. There is a regular transfer from the City State Hotel in Ermita that leaves at 0800 every morning arriving in Batangas at 1030 and then transfer by boat to Sabang arriving around midday.

Boats for the return trip leave at various times throughout the morning starting at 05.30 am and finishing at 1300pm. If you want the CityState Bus again leave at 0900 from Sabang Beach

For those who are arriving Manila in the afternoon but would want to proceed directly to Puerto Galera, it is highly recommended to hire a private car and rent the dive shop's dive boat for the night. Backpackers can take public buses going to Batangas. Last trip for these bus companies is at 1800. The last ferry that crosses Batangas to Puerto Galera is at 1800H.

If it is your first time to come here or you are arriving late at the airport you may find it easier to arrange a private transfer through us. We can arrange a car to pick you up from the airport or your hotel and bring you to Lea Beach, Batangas. At Lea Beach we will 0have a large private Banca waiting to transfer you directly to our resort in Sabang

You may also try a public transfer, In Manila there are lot of Buses going to Batangas Pier such as BLTB, JAM, ALPS, TRITRAN and N Dela Rosa transit. This Buses departing in different hours and most of them can be found along EDSA and Alabang City. with Last trip for these bus companies is 1800 hrs and last public boat trip to Puerto Galera is 1800